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Getting started with Cervello

🤯 Simplest and truly reactive state manager for React (just 1.5kb)

Cervello is a simple, reactive, tiny and fast state-management library for React

It's as simple as reassign a new value to the store properties. It will make an immutable change to the store and notify all the components subscribed to that property or the whole store.

v2 Breaking Changes

From v2.0.0, Cervello has 0 dependencies and it drops the React 17 compatibility. Now, React 18 is mandatory.

If you still need to use Cervello with React 17, you can keep using the v1.2.1 which is the latest stable version.


  • ⚛️ Truly reactive on store change (nested properties too 🚀!!)
  • ✅ Super simple and minimalistic API
  • 🐨 Listen properties lazily
  • 👌 No unnecessary re-renders
  • 🔒 Immutable changes
  • 🔑 Typescript support



npm install @cervello/react


pnpm add @cervello/react


yarn add @cervello/react